Hosting an event can be a lot of pressure. Whenever there’s a chance to take some of that pressure off of the hosts’ hands, it’s always welcomed. A photo booth is one of the ways hosts can ensure their guests are entertained without having to tend to them throughout the day/night. Here’s why you should consider renting a photo booth at your next event:


Guests get a memorable souvenir

By having a photo booth at your event, guests can gather with friends and instantly create photographic memories. Photos are printed on the spot and will provide them with a lasting memory of your wedding or party. Plus, they’ll also have the option to share their photos via email or social media accounts.


Fun for all ages

A photo booth is much more than just a camera sitting in the corner of your event room. Silly, fun props are provided so anyone regardless of age can have a blast in front of the camera.


Brand your event

Step-and-repeats can be provided so all of your guests’ photos taken at the booth will have a backdrop customized to your event.


A photo booth is the perfect way to give your guests an opportunity to continue the fun when they need a break from the dance floor, dinner table or other component of your event. Want a photo booth at your event? Contact Krazy Smiles Photo Booths today.