Have you taken notice that Weddings are becoming much different now a days? I’ve been a Dj for over 10 years and I’ve noticed that the way I use to play music at weddings is changing more so, for the reason that it seems people have become less patient. I’ve took notice that the traditional 4 to 5 hour ceremony and reception is taking a new form:, the Wedding Ceremonies are becoming shorter and more personal instead of the traditional vows for the Bride and the Groom, the huge lavish Bridal Party, the Official (Pastor) reading the vows at a Church, and of course the Guest. Some are omitting the whole traditional ceremonial layout and tying the knot at a courthouse or in some cases even at a home.

It seems that during the wedding reception the amount of time that I would normally play love songs that were meant to set the mood is being shortened. I love playing music with purpose and I believe that most of the older slow songs for weddings were made uniquely to have more meaning for that special day. They really define the meaning of love and where else should they be played but at a wedding where two people who are in love are expressing their true feelings in the company of their family and friends. Although it is traditional to start the wedding reception off with the slow soft loves songs or maybe some nice smooth jazz, it seems that the guest are becoming restless with the traditional methods. Now traditionally, dancing doesn’t start until after the cake is served, but in some cases some of today’s brides and grooms want to have more lively and fun wedding receptions.

So occasionally they alter the normal outline and ask me to kick off the dancing shortly after the main course is served. I’ve always been the type of DJ to pay close attention to crowd reaction while I’m performing at events, especially weddings to see how the music touches people. One thing I’ve learned in my experiences is that in a broad group of individuals there will be a variety of taste and preferences when it comes to music choice. It is definitely true that what songs will make some people dance, won’t always be appealing to other people. That’s why it is important to acknowledge as one trend fades, another is sure to rise to take its place just as quickly.

Being up to date on the latest trends and music is a great way to adapt to these changing times. One of the solutions I presently use is to still play some of the good older slow love songs, but also include some newer mid tempo songs with substance during the beginning of the reception. Playing variety always seems to break the monotony and add more excitement to the reception, at least until we get through all the traditional ceremony things and then of course it’s party time. To me, striving to be innovative and more creative will always help me to bring the best service I can to all my events. If there is one main trend across the board, it is uniqueness. Brides and grooms are moving away from cookie cutter (traditional style) weddings, and are really trying to make their weddings reflect who they really are.

It is my duty as an entertainer to follow the details of their lifestyle, ideas, dreams and combine them to the new trends and innovate new ways to make every wedding a success.